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spider man original comic art

Comic Art Paintings created by Swedish artist Mike S. Mall
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captain america original art          incredible hulk original comic art
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These Original Oil Paintings by Mike S. Mall are variations
 on the once original ink and pen drawings by such fine
 comic book artists like Jusko, Kirby, Romita, Bolland,
 Frazetta, Horley, Tucci, Sparacio, Ross, Buscema,
 Hildebrandt, and many other great comic artists.

More of Mike's comic art at:

supergirl original comic art          silver surfer original comic art
Comic Gallery 03               Comic Gallery 04

The comic art presented in this gallery are not in any
 way the original ink and pen comic artwork, but
 large Original Genuine Oil Paintings, created
 by Swedish artist Mike S. Mall.

As a fan of comics and especially American superhero
 characters, Mike decided to try to do his own take on
 the awesome drawings that graced so many great
 comic book covers over the years. Only, he wanted
 to "go large", thus creating large paintings and
more importantly, he would do it in oil.

Comic Book Art     Superhero Comic Art

Using the traditional method of creating a genuine oil
painting, the artist will apply several individual layers
of paint, allowing each one sufficient time to dry
before the next layer can be applied.

This technique differ much from that used to create
an ink and pen drawing or even an acrylic painting.
Oil paints dries quite slowly, so patience working
in oil is absolutely necessary.

Although time-consuming, this method ensures a
superb quality, as colours, consistency and durability
will last for a lifetime when displayed correctly.

Please display your artwork so that it is not exposed
 to direct sunlight for any prolonged length of time,
 (several years), as this may eventually cause
 the vibrant colours in the painting to fade.

Comci Art Gallery
The oil painting will be delivered unstretched, meaning
 it will be carefully rolled up in a robust, highly
 protective cardboard tube and shipped to the client.
We recommend our clients to use one's local frame
 shop for the stretching and framing process,
 where it will be done in a correct way.

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