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The comic artwork presented in these galleries are all Original Oil Paintings,
 created on Fine Art Linen Canvas by Swedish artist Mike S. Mall.

A lifelong fan of comic books and American superhero characters, Mike
 wanted to paint his own vision of the fine pen & ink drawings
 once featured on his favourite comic book covers.

comics fine art          comics fine art
Comic Gallery 03               Comic Gallery 04

Please see more of Mike's fine comic art at:

Comic Book Art     Superhero Comic Art

Oil painting is an art that requires patience and perseverance and progress can
be painfully slow, however, this ensures the artwork's integrity as
 consistency, durability and quality is unsurpassed.

In caring for your Painting, please
 follow a few basic rules:

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, may fade the vibrant colours of any
 painting, please be aware of this when choosing a display location.

When needed, one may dust the painting using a soft brush, a cloth or a
 feather duster and simply gently brush the canvas.

A suitable frame will emphasize the painting and lead the spectator's eyes
 towards the artwork, so it can be fully appreciated for it's artistic value.

As each painting is delivered rolled up in a protective cardboard tube, we
 recommend the framing be done professionally by your local custom
 frame shop, according to one's personal taste.

However, please remember that an oil painting needs to breathe, and
 as such should never be framed under glass.

Framed and ready-to-hang Painting

We can also deliver the painting
stretched, framed and ready to hang.
If so, please contact Us with the particulars before placing your
 order and We will assist you in finding a suitable framing option.

Usually client's choose either a gallery wrap or a simple black wood,
 steel or plastic frame, which really works best with comic art.

A fixed fee of $ 200.00 will be charged for the work, frame and shipping
 cost. Please add an additional 2-3 days for the framing process.

 A mat (mount in British English) is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material
 used to separate the artwork from the frame and may be displayed with
 or without glass. The mat also serve as additional decoration and can
 enhance the visual appeal of the artwork, as seen in the thumbnails.
Another alternative is to use a frame with no space between the artwork
 and the frame, which also works very well.

Gallery wrap is an artist's method of stretching the canvas, so it wraps
 around both sides of the stretcher bars, producing a frameless gallery
 look, as can be seen in the large images.